Your Air Conditioning is not working?

Following are a few things to check on your system before you call us. If you are not comfortable performing any of these checks, please call Independent Air and Heat immediatly!
Check Thermostat
Make sure the system is on and set to cool (or heat). If your system is not cooling, set the thermostat a few degrees cooler than room temperature, and see if the unit starts. (Do the opposite for checking in heat mode.)
Check Power
Many utility companies in Florida offer a small discount on your bill in exchange for the ability to shut off power to your air conditioner, pool pump, and hot water heater during periods of heavy demand. Your home may be equipped with such an energy-wise, or power management system from a previous owner. If so, contact your utility company to see if they are utilizing this system in your area.
Check Breaker
Turn fan to the on position. If fan is not blowing, check the main breaker panel for a tripped breaker. If the breaker is off or tripped call us immediately.
If the fan is blowing but the system is not cooling, check for any additional breaker panels. These are often located by the outside unit, Once again, if breaker is off or tripped call us immediately.
Try to turn your system back to cool or heat and still no cooling or heating give us a call immediately.
Check Drain Line
Your air handler has a condensation drain line to get rid of the moisture it pulls from your home. Most units have a float switch in the drain line by the air handler. It automatically shuts the system off should this line become clogged. It's important to know that your drainage system depends on the layout of your home. Independent Air and Heat can best determine the cleaning process for your system, but if you do manage to clear out a clogged drain pipe, wait five minutes before testing the system again. (Drain line cleanings are part of Independant Air and Heat's Comfort Club maintenance program.)
Check Filters and Outdoor Unit
A dirty filter can greatly reduce your system's ability to cool or heat. If your system is just not cooling or heating properly, replace the air filter. Also, check the outside unit for debris, grass clippings, weeds, etc. (These checks are part of Independent Air and Heat's Comfort Club maintenance program.)
Ice Build-up
If there is a build up of ice on the outside and inside unit, you will need to call Independent Air and Heat. Turn the system off, and run the fan only. The ice build-up will need to be completely thawed before we can work on your system.


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